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Batman and Captain America Save Cat From Fire

Batman and Captain America Save Cat From Fire

Batman Captain America

Batman and Captain America may spend their time on the big screen saving the world and fighting off villains, but in real life their heroics are smaller than that.

Yes, in real life.

Get out of the way, old-timey firemen. This duo is saving the world’s felines, one trapped kitten at a time.

On Saturday, John Buckland and Troy Marcum donned Batman and Captain America costumes while working a children’s event in West Virginia. Buckland runs an organization called Heroes 4 Higher. The organization attends children’s events dressed as heroes to bring a positive motivational message for the children, which may help shape their future. This particular event was hosted by the American Legion post in Milton, W. Va.

Buckland, a former firefighter who also served in Iraq, spotted smoke coming from a home nearby. He could tell by the color of the smoke that it wasn’t just trash burning, as initially suspected, but that it was actually a home on fire.

The men ran to the scene, dressed in full super hero garb, and discovered that nobody was home (It later came out that the homeowners were out of town).  The heroic duo shattered a window with hopes of getting in and stopping the fire.

“I said to Marcum – ‘Captain, I need you to find the biggest rock you can find, and throw it through that window right there to let some of this smoke out of that front room,’ ” Buckland said.

“The smokes lets out and, as I can start to see, I reach down and grab something furry!” Buckland said. They discovered a cat inside. The animal was unresponsive until Batman resuscitated him.

“The cat comes around, takes a look at me, then hissed,” Buckland said. “He got resuscitated by Batman; that’s a pretty scary thing to wake up to.”

But Batman, er, Buckland insists that he is no hero. “I’m just glad that no one was inside.”

Hmm, sounds exactly like something a real hero would say.

Photo Credit: CreativeCommons.org

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